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Smoked Prime Rib

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: approx 1.5 hrs


Standing Rib Roast (5 - 7 lbs) Salt/Pepper Based Rub Kitchen Bouquet Browning Sauce

Rosemary sprigs

Turbinado Sugar (optional)

Olive Oil (liquid or spray)


Prepare a 250-275 degree charcoal fire and smoking wood chunks of your choice (oak or pecan recommended). You can have your butcher "french" the bones if you'd like them to look prettier. Alternatively, you can remove the bones completely and cook them separately or even detach, season the roast and then tie them back on to get more rub down into the roast - anything goes!

Slather the roast with Kitchen Bouquet, which will cause it to brown beautifully when cooked. With a heavy hand, season heavily with your rub - its a large piece of meat that can handle alot of seasoning. Slide several sprigs of rosemary under the butcher twine. If you like your beef to be a little sweeter, lightly sprinkle with turbinado sugar, which has a higher burn temp than regular sugar. Let roast sit for 30-45 mins. Place on indirect heat and cook until the internal temp is 110-115 degrees. Remove from grill and let rest for 10-15 mins while stoking fire and raising temp as hot as possible. Lightly brush or spray with olive oil and place roast back on hot grill for around 60 seconds per side, rotating until a dark crust forms and all surfaces are seared. Remove and rest for an additional 20 mins, slice and serve. This should yield a medium-rare roast. If your guests prefer a slightly more medium roast, take initial internal temperature to 120 degrees and follow the subsequent steps.

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